Old Jewish Cemetery

The OLD cemetery was first mentioned in a document dated 1442 and was in constant use (except during the period of Expulsion) until 1906 when it was closed. Its catchment area included the entire Fulda area and additionally the communities of Neuhof and Flieden. This list of c. 550 people shows the name, date of death and age of the deceased from only Fulda between 1822 and 1906.
It will be continuously expanded in the coming months. Last Update: February 4, 2021

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Namesurnamedeath dateparents/spouseremarks
SpiroDavid Elias1822-Feb-21widower80 years old
EpsteinBoess, daughter1822-Feb-27Epstein Daniel2 years old
Boess,single1822-April-12born in the Netherlands, 47 years old
SimonIsrael1822-April-27Simon, Loeser14 years 11 months old
AnsbachLoeb1822-Jul-5Ansbach, Jakob7 years 3 months old
LenheimSimon1822-Nov-19Lenheim, Loeser9 months old
Loebwife1823-Jan-16widow of Loeb, Hirsch75 years old
FreudenbergEisemann1823-Mar-06Freudenberg, Salomon7 days old
TreppeBenjamin1823-Jul-23Treppe, Wolf17 years old
StrausKaje1824-Feb-06Straus, Hirsch48 years old
HollaenofBreinle1824-Mar-06widow88 years old
SchoenchenMariam, daughter1824-Mar-16Schoenchen, widow of Heilbronn36 years old
TreppeBabet1824-Jun-19Treppe, David10 months old
LoeserS1824-Jul-0779,5 years old
HeilbronnJanette1825-Mar-30widow75 years old
Treppeson, stillborn1825-Apr-16Treppe, Davidstillborn
WiesbadenTherese, daughter1825-May-05Wiesbaden, Moses22 years old
HerschbergHirsch, son1825-Jun-19Herschberg, Bonem5 years old
Wormserson, deceased immediately1825-Jun-28Wormser, Loeb rabbinate assistentdeceased immediately
SternGabriel1825-Sep-07Stern, Mendel3 1/2 years old
LenheimLaser, son1825-Nov-02Lenheim, Salomon and [?]13 days old
SpiroElias1825-Dec-01Spiro, Salomon and [?]10 weeks old
BrezfeldWolf1826-Apr-2677 years old
HerschbergBertha, single1826-May-1052 years old
OppenheimerMadel1826-Jul-03widow82 years old
EschwegeSimon Nathan1826-Jul-1753 years old
Wormserdaughter, stillborn1826-Jul-25Wormser, Loebstillborn
EpsteinLoeser, son of Daniel1827-Apr-19Loeser, Daniel and Karoline, nee Loeser9 months old
WertheimAdelheid Hirsch, single1827-Jun-1626 years old, born in Wehrda
BachrachHenum, single1827-Nov-1359 years old
LeviEsther, single1828-May-0216 years als, from Bernburg
HerschbergGabriel1828-Oct-20Herschberg Bonem and Sara1 year 3 months old
PrerauGalla1828-Dec-18widow70 years old
Epstein, nee LoeserCaroline1829-Feb-09Epstein Daniel32 years old
FreudenbergNathan1829-Mar-05Freudenberg Salomon and Paula, nee Epstein8 years old
FreudenbergLoeser1829-Mar-06Freudenberg, Salomon and Paula, nee Epstein15 years old
TreppeMoses David1829-Mar-1569 years old
GunstJakob1829-Mar-2063 years old, from Huenfeld
EpsteinSimon1829-Apr-04Epstein, Hirsch and Babette, nee Lion9 months old
LenheimLudwig1829-Apr-13Lenheim, Loeser and Esther9 months old
HoffaFrieofika1829-May-15Hoffa, J.M. from Kassel (batallion doctor) and Henriette, nee Mosenthal11 weeks
Freudenberg, nee Salomon1829-Jun-18wife of Mendel Freudenberg69 years old
EschwegePerla1829-Sep-09widow39 years old
SpiroElias, son1829-Dec-13Jakob Spiro6 years old
WiesbadenRuben1830-Jan-23Wiesbaden, Moses and Hanna, nee Muehlhausen21 years
HesdoerfferSelig1830-Mar-02Hesdoerffer, Baruch and Jette2 years 1 month
EpsteinMayer Hirsch1830-Mar-1068 years old
SternBina1830-Mar-15Stern, Mendel9 months
BachrachMinna1830-Mar-29Bachrach, Aron56 years old
WeilburgSara1830-May-02Weilburg, Isack and Fanny, nee Gans1¬ year old
WormserSalomon1830-Dec-27Wormser, Loeb, rabbi and Zerle, nee Wertheim3 years 22 days old
OppenheimSamuel1830-Dec-28Oppenheim Sally (deceased) and widow Juda Oppenheim, nee Gerson16 years old
Oppenheim, nee LeviGuetel1831-Feb-01Oppenheim, Loeb, husband62 years 2 months
FalkensteinHaennel1831-Feb-02Falkenstein, Jandoph, husband65 years
FreudenbergMendel, widower1831-Feb-0673 years old
EpsteinRegina1831-Feb-17Epstein, Israel and Klara, nee Loeser1 year 3 weeks
BachrachJeanette, single1851-Mar-1458 years old
TreppMoses1831-Apr-12Trepp, David and [?], nee Goldschmid1 year 2 months
LenheimTheresie1831-Apr-15wife of Salomon Lenheim30 years old
HahnSofia1831-Apr-16Hahn, Hirsch and Hendel, nee Loeser19 years old
SternTheresie1831-Apr-17Stern, Mendel and Elsa, nee Weinberg11 years old
EpsteinHirsch1831-Apr-22Stern, Daniel and Karoline, nee Loeser12 years 7 months
EschwegeMendel Nathan1831-Jul-2759 years old
WeilburgIsaak Moses1831-Aug-2639 years 11 months
EschwegeNathan Simon1831-Sep-2616 years
HeilbronnMoses1832-Apr-03Heilbronn Loeb and Bule, nee Stern2 months
HeilbronnJanette1832-Apr-05Heilbronn Loeb and Bule, nee Stern5 years old
SpiroSalomon Elias1832-Apr-1550 years old
MuellerBette1832-Apr-23Mueller, Bonum husband34 years old
SternAbraham1832-May-2969 years old
TreppeRachel1832-Jun-21widow72 years old
WormserZerle1832-Sep-01wife of rabbi Loeb Wormser63 years old
MuellerGerson1832-Dec-04Mueller Bonum and Betti9 months old
AnsbachJakob1833-Apr-0862 years old
WeilburgJanette1833-May-07Weilburg, Moses, husband66 years old
EschwegeSannel1833-Jul-19Eschwege Simon and Malchen4 months
OppenheimMoses1833-Jul-2548 years old
OppenheimerBonseit1834-Jun-12Oppenheimer Loeb and Lina, nee Hamburger2 1/2 months old
HerzbergJakob1834-Jun-14single49 years old
JuedelAugusta1834-Aug-28Juedel Julius and Esther11 weeks old
WetzlarLoeb1834-Sep-28single80 years 10 months
SternMendel1835-Jan-1160 years old
OppenheimerFalk1835-Mar-28Oppenheimer Salomon and Jette1 year 8 months
WiesbadenKarolina1835-Mar-28Wiesbaden Moses and Hanna, nee Muehlhausen23 years 6 months
RotenburgMendel1835-Oct-0454 years old
JuedelLeopold1836-Mar-26Juedel, Julius and Esther, nee Oppenheim5 months
EpsteinMaier1836-Mar-28Epstein, Bernhard and Sara, nee Stern4 months 20 days
SpiroJeremias Elias1836-May-0960 years
EschwegeNathan, single1836-Dec-18Eschwege, Mendel (deceased) and Klara29 years
SternAmalie, single1837-Feb-12Stern, Abraham (deceased) and Esther, nee Rotenburg20 years
WetzlarGerson1837-Feb-1586 years old
EpsteinIsidor1837-Apr-02Epstein Israel and Klara, nee Loeser10 days
HahnIsak, widower1837-Sep-3068 years old
StiebelIsrael1837-Nov-0475 years old
TreppeJuda1838-Jan-0474 years old
WetzlarTheresia1838-Jan-25Wetzlar Isak and Hanchen, nee Kupfer3 years 9 months
SpiroJanette1838-Mar-2363 years old
Epsteingirl, stillborn1838-Aug-03Epstein Israel and Klara nee Loeserstillborn
FrankAbraham1838-May-09Frank, Samuel and nee Stern8 years 4 months
WiesbadenWolf1838-Nov-13Wiesbaden, Moses and Hanna, nee Muehlhausen21 years 6 months
Epstein, nee LoeserKlara1838-Dec-07Loeser, Israel, husband37 years old
OppenheimLoeb1839-Feb-20Oppenheim, Moses (deceased) and [?] nee Gerson10 years 6 months
WetzlarJette1839-May-18Wetzlar, Isaak and Hanchen, nee Kupfer1 year 3 months
LionAdolph1839-Jun-17Lion, Simon and3 months
HahnLoeb1839-Jun-20Hahn, and Hennel, nee Stern30 years old
WormserLoeb1839-Jul-29province rabbi70 years 5 months
LionKaroline1839-Dec-31Lion, Simon and4 years 7 months
SpiroJakob1840-Jan-1157 years 6 months
EschwegeSara1840-Mar-24Eschwege, Mendel (deceased) and Klara21 years 6 months
Juedel, nee OppenheimEsther1840-Apr-24Juedel, Julius, husband38 years 5 months
OppenheimerMoses1840-May-06Oppenheim, Loeb and Lea2,5 years
BeyfussHendel1840-May-29widow79 years old
TreppDavid1840-Jun-01Trepp, Isaak and Fanny, widowed Weilburg nee Gans2 years 7 months
FalkensteinJandoph Loser1840-Jun-27widower80 years
OppenheimerHermann/Hirsch1840-Jul-07Oppenheim, Loeb and nee H?berger1 year and 5 months old
Hahn, nee SternHenriette1840-Sep-09Hahn, Hirsch, husband70 years old
LoeserSimon1840-Sep-2442 years old
EschwegeDavid1840-Oct-24Eschwege, Simon and Malchen, nee Stern6 years 5 months
LehnheimMoses1841-Jul-06chairman of the board of directors of the Jewish community76 years 6 months old
HahnHirsch1841-Jul-20widower81 years old
Jacobson1841-Dec-3141 years old
StiebelIsidor1841-Dec-31Stiebel, S. and Gita, nee Hahn1 month
PlautMaier1842-Mar-1738 years old
WertheimMoses1842-Apr-1735 years 6 months
WetzlarMoses1842-Jun-056 years 6 months
SpiroJette1842-Jul-24Spiro, Jakob (deceased) and11 years 6 months
LoewenthalKaroline1842-Jul-28Loewenthal Isac and Sara, nee Beyfuss20 years
TreppJuda1842-Sep-18Trepp Isac and Fanny, nee Gans3 years
Karoline1842-Sep-22illegitimate daughter of Hannchen Spiro2 years 8 months
SternMoses1843-Jan-2461 years 5 months
OppenheimMoritz1843-Mar-05Oppenheim, Esther, illegitimate son1 year 5 months
SchluesselRegina1843-Jun-13Schluessel, Nathan, husband53 years
TreppSussmann Wolf1843-Oct-0984 years 6 months
Stern, nee RotenbergEsther1843-Dec-05Stern, Abraham (deceased) husband70 years old
KaufmannSara1843-Dec-31from Mainfurth75 years old
SternEsther1844-Jan-02wife of Moses Stern84 years old
KatzSara1844-Apr-18single, from Wehrda30 years old
WeilburgMoses1845-May-24widower85 years old
TannenbergKaroline1845-Jul-27illegitimatee daughter of Betty Tannenberg2 years
FleischhackerMaier1845-Oct-15from Luetter66 years old
MuellerBonum1845-Dec-31widower87 years old
LionLazarus Simon1846-Jan-1367 years old
GoldschmidtSamuel1846-Mar-07Goldschmidt, Bonum from Mackenzell6 months
EschwegeSimon1846-Mar-13Eschwege, Hermann and11 months
HeilbronnAmalie1846-Apr-22Heilbronn, Loeb (lead singer) and Bule, nee Stern10 years 8 months
EschwegeDavid1846-Apr-24Eschwege, Jacob and Sara nee Kohn/Kahn14 Standen
WetzlarBass1846-Sep-07widow82 years
Oppenheim1847-Jan-01widow59 years old
EpsteinLoeser1847-Apr-10Epstein Hirsch and Babetta, nee Lion20 years old
SpiroGolde, widow1847-May-14Spiro, Jeremias? widow74 years old
LenheimJanette, widow1847-Jun-14widow of Lenheim, Moses Simon82 years old
EpsteinSara, widow1847-Jul-16widow of Epstein, Maier83 years old
Epsteinchild without a name1847-Sep-30Epstein, Bernhard and Sara nee Stern
FrankDina1847-Oct-06Frank, Samuel (husband)46 years 6 months old
HesdoerfferBaruch Isac1847-Nov-2755 years old
LionHenriette1847-Dec-24widow of Lion, Lazarus Simon73 years old
SpiroNathan1848-Jan-1823 years old
TreppWolf1848-Feb-11Isaak and Fanny, nee Gans4 years 3 months
WeilburgNanni1848-Feb-21Jakob Weilburg and Gita, nee Eschwege7 years old
RosenblattKusel1848-May-20merchant from Wehrda52 years old
WiesbadenJosef Wolf1848-Sep-2568 years old
WiesbadenJanette1848-Oct-16widow of merchant Josef Wolf Wiesbaden67 years old
StiebelJette1848-Oct-21wife of master tailor Seligmann Stiebel42 years old
EpsteinSara1848-Nov-08wife of Bonum Stiebel37 years old
JuedelJulius1848-Nov-0854 years old
EpsteinEmanuel1849-Jan-09son of Simon Epstein and of Amalie, nee Trepp1 year 8 months
SpiroLea1849-May-06daughter of Salomon Spiro and of Levandel19 years 6 months
Spiro, nee LoewensteinJette1849-Jun-15wife of master tailor Loeb Spiro40 years 8 months old
WallachBertha1849-Jul-29daughter of Julius Wallach and Amalie, nee Oppenheimer7 months 13 days
SpiroJakob1849-Oct-13daughter of master tailor Loeb Spiro and Jette, nee Loewenstein8 ó months old
LenheimJeanette1850-Jan-15daughter of master tanners Nathan and Regine2 years 4 months old
BacherachHendel1850-Mar-09widow of Aron Bacherach58 years old
RotenburgCaroline1850-Jun-22widow of Mendel65 years old
TreppJoseph1850-Sep-13furniture dealer41 years old
LenheimLoeser1850-Oct-0556 years old
WormserLoeb1850-Oct-28widower49 years old
HahnPeschen1850-Nov-14widow80 years old
TreppIsaac1850-Dec-08son of deceased Joseph and of Eva Kupfer3 months
TreppGuedel1851-Mar-09single55 years old
TreppLudwig1851-May-25son of Philipp and of Fanni Rothbarth3 years old
RosenbergGabriel1851-Jul-24son of rabbi Jacob and of Brigitta Loewenthal19 « months old
NeuhofRegine1851-Oct-24widow74 years old
WiesbadenLoeb1852-Feb-23son of Loeb and Regina Loewenthal3 « months old
BachrachAron1852-Mar-0578 years old
Wormser, nee WertheimTaubele1852-Apr-20wife of deceased Loeb51 years old
WiesbadenRegine1852-May-09wife of Julius32 years old
SchluesselHanna1852-Jun-25Nathan Wolf61 « years old
HirschbergMaier1852-Jul-14son of Bonum27 years 8 months old
WertheimHirsch1852-Jul-27merchant45 years old
AppelSimon1852-Jul-28from Mansbach45 years old
EpsteinH.1852-Sep-23son of Hirsch and of Babet Lion9 « years old
HahnRosalie1852-Oct-13wife of Loeser (Kassierer)38 years old
LionSamuel1852-Dec-07son of Simon and of Eva Wolof16 years 4 months old
TreppAbraham1853-Apr-19son of Isac and of Fanni Gans17 years 4 months old
MuellerBetti1853-Jul-08daughter of David and of Sara Stern10 months old
StiebelMoritz1853-Jul-1654 years old
MuellerBernhard1853-Aug-11daughter of David and of Sara Stern5 « years old
TreppLea1853-Oct-19wife of David67 years old
HeilbronnBule1853-Dec-31wife of Loeb57 years old
StraussHerz1854-Jan-1488 « years old
HechtskopfCarolina1854-Jan-20single91 years old
SpiroEmanuel1854-Jan-26son of Lob and of Pauline Freudenberg6 « months old
SpiroDavid1854-Feb-14single36 years old
FreudenbergBule1854-Mar-11wife of Salomon57 years old
KahnJulius1854-May-15son of lead singers Nathan1 year old
[?][?]1854-Jun-02[?]1 year 2 months old
EschwegeRegine1854-Sep-14daughter of Jakob and Sara Kohn1 year 2 months old
HirschbergBonum1854-Oct-1174 years old
LenheimLeopold1854-Oct-11son of Loeser23 years 7 months old
SchluesselNathan1855-Feb-2265 years old
LenheimRoeschen1855-May-03daughter of Loeser32 years old
SternHannchen1855-Jul-28wife of Philipp41 years 8 months old
OppenheimerLoeb1855-Aug-2585 years old
TreppHelene1856-Mar-02daughter of Menko and Sarchen Sanof4 months 16 days old
FrankClara1856-Aug-19daughter of Samuel29 years 8 months old
SpiroJoseph1856-Oct-15son of Jakob Spiro20 years old
SingtonJoel1857-Feb-14from Breslau97 years 3 months old
LewisonLevy1857-Feb-15religion teacher44 years old
LewisonKlaerchen1857-Apr-05widow of Levy38 years
WiesbadenMoses Wolf1857-May-3182 years old
EpsteinBernhard1857-Jun-1850 years old
DreyfussHenriette1858-Feb-25from Mannheim66 years old
LenheimSalomon1858-Apr-0275 years old
HahnSelig J.1858-Jul-0458 years old
EschwegeClara1858-Dec-24widow of Mendel77 years old
EpsteinIsrael1859-May-2858 years old
StiebelJette1859-Jul-01wife of Jandoff72 years
LoewensteinLevi1859-Jul-13from Buchenau, son of Daniel from Buchenau16 years old
StraussRegine1859-Sep-04wife of Joseph61 years old
JacobsonIsidor1860-Jan-2328 years 2 months old
TreppMoses1860-Jul-26son of Menko and Jettchen Silberschmid7 months
WallachAmalie1860-Nov-12wife of Julius49 years old
WisbadenNanni1860-Nov-30widow of Moses89 years old
JuedellMax1861-Mar-16single29 years old
HollaenofBabette1861-Apr-20wife of Mendel75 years old
StiebelSeligmann1861-Jun-10master tailor52 years old
LoewenthalIsaac1861-Nov-1175 years old
TreppMaier1862-Mar-27son of Joseph14 years old
WertheimMadche1862-Jul-27widow of Hirsch59 years old
EpsteinHirsch1862-Aug-2258 years old
TreppDora1862-Nov-03daughter of Salomon and Eva Frank16 years old
HirschTrepp1863-Jan-03single42 years old
AnsbachMadche1863-Feb-08widow of Jakob88 years old
HeilbronnLoeb Nathan1863-Mar-14lead singer76 years old
StraussJosef1863-Mar-2660 years old
OppenheimerSalomon1863-Apr-2757 years old
SpiroBabette1863-Apr-27widow of Salomon74 years old
LionMoritz1863-May-04banker54 « years old
HesdoerfferMax1863-Jul-27son of Simon and Rosa Ruff1 month 10 days old
Oppenheimer, nee GersonJette1863-Aug-27widow of Falk82 years old
TreppRachel1863-Sep-15widow of Juda86 years old
FrankSamuel1864-Feb-07widower64 years old
Loewenstein/sternFerdinand1864-Mar-09son of veterinarian Goetz and Johanna, nee Loewenstein1 year 6 months old
OppenheimerBaer1864-Mar-0477 years old
EpsteinBabel1864-Mar-19wife of Simon34 years old
StiebelJette1864-Apr-28widow of Moritz62 years old
StraussSophie1864-Jun-04wife of Jandoff62 years 6 months old
TreppSara1864-Jul-12daughter of Menko and Jettchen Silberschmidt26 days old
HilofheimBabette1864-Sep-05widow of Hirsch
FreudenbergMendel1864-Oct-27son of Hirsch and Mariane Spiro9 months old
EpsteinSimon1864-Nov-0331 years old
OppenheimerMax1865-Jan-25son of painter Lucas and Therese Trepp7 months
WertheimBluemchen1865-Jun-27single30 years
BirkenruthGerson1865-Jul-1250 years old
LenheimLudwig Lazarus1865-Jul-1663 years
HirschRobert1865-Jul-18Adolph and Gitta Lion3 years 10 months old
TreppDavid1865-Jul-2176 years old
WertheimJekusel1865-Aug-20Abraham and Lea Rosenzweig2 months
EschwegeJakob1866-Feb-1555 years
EpsteinJeanette1866-Feb-2722 « years
TannenbaumTherese1866-Mar-09wife of Lehrers Salomon39 years
EpsteinDaniel1866-Mar-2575 years old
LoewensternGustav1866-Apr-19son of Goetz and Johanna1 year 2 months
HahnHenriette1866-May-20daughter of Loeser and Rosalie Metzger18 years
MuellerSara1866-Sep-13wife of David48 years
LionNanette1866-Sep-14wife of deceased Moritz64 years
SternElka1866-Sep-17widow of Mendel76 years old
SpiroDorothea1867-Apr-20widow of Jacob70 years
LoeserRegine1867-Jul-10widow of Simon67 years 3 months old
EschwegeHenriette1867-Oct-28widow of Heinemann from Hanau63 years old
HesdoerfferBerthold Paul1867-Nov-30son of Ferdinand and Friederike1 year 2 months
WeilburgJette1868-Feb-13wife of Jacob60 « years
HollaenofEmanuel1868-Mar-21widower97 years old
StraussMariane1868-Mar-26single65 years old
WisbadenIda1868-Aug-01daughter of Julius and Regine13 years old
TreppIsaac1868-Aug-0970 years old
TreppHeinemann1868-Aug-1168 years old
TreppMax1868-Sep-02son of Menko6 years 2 months
BirkenruthBetti1868-Sep-08daughter of Gerson and Babette16 years old
WertheimBaruch1868-Sep-23son of Abraham and Lea Rosenbaum1 year 6 months
EschwegeRegine1868-Dec-22daughter of Nathan and Fanni9 months
MuellerAmalia1868-Dec-29single64 years old
LoeserIda1869-Jun-19daughter of Hirsch and Sophie Dreifuss16 years old
Karoline1869-Dec-28single76 years
EschwegeMoses1870-Jul-07son of Simon and Malchen25 years old
TreppIsaac1870-Aug-07son of Juda and Bertha Oppenheimer11 months
HahnClara1870-Dec-18single65 years old
LoeserSigbert1871-Jan-08son of Leopold and Klara10 months old
KoenigMichael1871-Jan-22husband of Guetel Plaut75 years old
TreppDeiche1871-Feb-0677 years old
JacobsonSoehnchen1871-Feb-16Isfried and Henriette Ebenfeldstillborn
TreppSalomon Juda1871-Mar-1465 years old
LoewenthalLoeb1871-Mar-2545 years old
FleischhackerGerson1871-May-02son of Heinemann and Sara Wetzlar1 year 14 days
SpiroBertha1871-May-06daughter of Loeb and Pauline Freudenberg14 years old
KaufmannSara1871-May-29single from Neuhof76 years old
FreudenbergSalomon1871-Jun-2889 years old
StiebelMoritz1871-Aug-10son of Eduard and Sophie Weilburg3 months old
SternPhilipp1871-Sep-1172 years old
EschwegeRachel1871-Nov-06daughter of Juda and Jettchen Wertheim3 months
HahnMarianne1871-Nov-09widow of Selig77 years old
SternAmalia1872-Feb-07from Burghaun22 years old
HalberstadtOskar1872-Mar-23son of H and Adelheid Maier9 months old
HahnRosa1872-Jun-05wife of Loeb Hahn44 years old
GersonSchera1872-Dec-25wife of Gerson77 years old
EpsteinDaniel1872-Dec-28son of Simon and Malchen Fre3 years 11 months
EpsteinMathilde1873-Jan-04daughter of Simon and Malchen Freund7 months old
TreppSarah1873-Jan-27daughter of Moses and Bertha Oppenheim4 years 5 months old
NussbaumFrieofika1873-Jan-30daughter of Wolff and Sophia4 months old
HommelRebekka1873-Feb-27daughter of Gerson and Zina11 months old
LionSimon1873-Mar-0968 years old
LoewenthalRegine1873-Mar-12daughter of and of Amalie Adler18 years old
HahnJette1873-Aug-29single80 years old
WeilburgSiegmand1873-Dec-18son of Linus and Babette Eisenberg2 days old
HeilbronnPauline1874-Jan-03daughter of Ruben and of Hannchen Stiebel6 years 11 months old
PrerauSchennchen1874-Mar-1073 years old
OppenheimerJette1874-May-26widow of Salomon64 years old
HommelMoses1874-Jun-18son of Gerson and Zina Zart3 years 10 months
WetzlarJenny1874-Aug-16daughter of Gustav and Leonore Eschwege5 years 7 months
LenheimNathan1874-Oct-0779 years old
TreppRachel1874-Nov-11daughter of Juda Salomon and Karoline Adler4 years 8 months old
TreppEmma1874-Nov-29daughter of Juda Salomon and Karoline Adler3 years 8 months
FreudenbergHeinrich1874-Dec-0954 years old
Trepp, nee RothbartFanni1875-May-16wife of Philipp54 years old
TreppFanny1875-Aug-05widow of Isaac75 years old
NussbaumRegine1875-Aug-15daughter of Maier and Malchen Stern2 years 5 months
NussbaumBertha1875-Aug-27daughter of Maier and Malchen Stern1 year 7 months
JonasAbraham1875-Dec-1191 years old
Hahn, nee SternJette1876-Feb-27wife of Schammes Loeser78 years old
WilsalienJette1876-Aug-04widow of Herz63 years old
EschwegeMoses1876-Jun-15son of Samuel and Auguste Heymann5 « months
Enoch Dr.Samuel1876-Dec-30provincial rabbi62 years old
EschwegeDavid1877-Jan-25son of Isaac and Esther Adler10 months
LippmannLipmann called Leopold1877-Feb-20son of Rassiel and Rachel Salomon2 months
HalberstadtHermann1877-Mar-1536 years
MayJulie1877-Mar-1986 years
SpeierFanni1877-Apr-12daughter of Moses
TannenbaumLazarus Leopold1877-Apr-30son of Salomon and of deceased Lina May20 years 4 months
WeilburgSimon1877-Oct-07son of Nathan and [?] Katzenstein1 day old
LobensternGoetz1878-Mar-0562 years old
LionEva1878-Apr-01widow of Simon70 years old
LukasGerson1878-Apr-26widower of Sara Mueller93 years old
WeinbergMax1878-May-29son of Hermann and Esther Stern11 months
FreudenbergEmil/Elias1878-Aug-01son of deceased Hirsch and Marianne Spiro12 years 3 months
LoebenbergSophie1878-Aug-03daughter of Hermann and Gilda/Golda Stern4 years 4 months
EschwegeRachel1878-Sep-05daughter of Samuel and Auguste Heymann1 year 4 months
WallachJulius1878-Nov-1669 years old
NussbaumLina1879-Jan-02daughter of B and Feilchen Kaufmann1 year 4 months
SternLoeb1879-Mar-0170 years
LeviMaier1879-Jul-2441 years old
Nussbaumtwinson and ?daughter Selig and Mina1879-Jul-31Bonum and Feilchen Kaufmann
RauffLeopold1879-Sep-1773 years 6 months old
OppenheimerGerson1880-Jan-0363 years old
OppenheimerSophie1880-Feb-02widow of Gerson44 years
EschwegeJettchen1880-Mar-06wife of Juda40 years old
BlumenthalMoses0000-Apr-08son of Levi and Lina Liebstaedter
NussbaumSelig1880-May-13son of Bonum and Veilchen Kaufmann¬ Stande
EmanuelRebekka1880-Jun-12daughter of Jeremias and Roeschen Neuhaus8 months
HesdoerfferJette1880-Jun-17widow of Baruch85 years old
LenheimLudwig1880-Jun-27son of Moses and Johanna Heilbronn1 year 2 months
EmanuelToechterchen1880-Nov-03daughter of Jeremias and Roeschen Neuhausstillborn
KaufherrIsaac1880-Nov-08single71 years old
EschwegeMalchen1880-Dec-13wife of Simon76 years old
TreppSalomon1881-Jan-12son of Juda Salomon and Caroline Adler5 months 7 days
KaufmannFrieda1881-Mar-13daughter of Salomon and Ida Adler5 Minuten
WetzlarIsaac1881-Jun-1682 years
LoebensteinMina1881-Jun-25daughter of Emanuel and Sophie Landauer3 years
NeuhausMax1881-Jul-16son of Michael and Ella Freudenthal1 year 12 days
LoewensteinJacob1882-Feb-14widower72 years 3 days
Eschwege, nee HeymannAuguste1882-Mar-15wife of Cigarrenhaendlers Samuel
EschwegeNathan1882-May-07son of Samuel and Auguste Heymann5 months 22 days old
SternMarianne1882-Jun-05widow of Loeb69 years
HirschbergSara1882-Aug-30widow of Bonum80 years 6 months
CahnMordechai1883-Jan-25son of provincial rabbi Michael and Jette Stern
SternGabriel1883-Mar-2283 years old
BlumenthalMarcus1883-Apr-23son of Levi and Lena Liebstaedter
TreppMenko1883-May-2057 years 9 months 27 days
MuellerDavid1883-Jun-0665 years 5 months
LoeserIsidor1883-Jun-0748 years 9 months
Epstein, nee SandheimerJette1883-Jun-12widow of Daniel72 years
WeinbergBetty1883-Aug-18wife of Seligmann71 years 5 months
NussbaumSelig1883-Aug-29son of Bonum and Veilchen Kaufmann3 months
JacobsonAdelheid1883-Oct-31widow of Jacob77 years 10 months
EschwegeSara (Sophie)1883-Dec-25widow of Jacob69 years 11 months
EpsteinLudwig1884-Jan-2539 years 4 months
GruenebaumAbraham1884-Apr-07son Wolf and Sophie Plaut5 months 25 days
EmanuelLeo1884-Aug-15son of Jeremias and Rosa Neuhaus4 months 29 days
Trepp, nee FrankEva1884-Sep-20widow of Salomon75 years 6 months
EschwegeSimon1885-Feb-06son of Samuel and Frida85 years 2 months
EmanuelGita1885-Feb-08daughter of Jeremias and Roeschen Neuhaus2 years 7 months
EmanuelMoritz1885-Feb-15son of Jeremias and Roeschen Neuhaus6 « years
HesdoerfferSimon1885-Mar-01son of Baruch and Jette Beifuss66 years 10 months
Hesdoerffer, nee RouffRosa1885-Mar-09widow of Simon55 years 3 months
SternMaier1885-Mar-28son of Philipp and Sophie Heilbrunn
KaufmannFrieda1885-May-21daughter of Salomon and Ida Adler2 years 6 months
EschwegeHelena1885-Jun-04wife of Moses58 years 8 months
SpeierMoses1885-Aug-04son of Michael and Johanna Buchsbaum80 years 10 months
StiebelHenriette1885-Sep-06daughter of Eduard and Sophie Weilburg7 years 1 month
WeilburgJacob1885-Oct-2281 years 4 months
SpiroLoeb Jakob1885-Dec-01son of Jakob and Deile Herz66 years old
Sterndaughter1886-May-01daughter of Herz and Amalie Treppstillborn
Emmanueldaughter1886-May-08daughter of Hermann and Bella Rosenbergstillborn
Stern, nee TreppAmalie1886-May-21wife of Moritz daughter of Joseph and Eva40 years 6 months
Levi, nee LevyFrieofike1886-Jun-23wife of Josef daughter of Jonas and Jettchen Appel60 years 1 month
StiebelEduard Israel1886-Aug-07son of Seligmann and Jette Hahn46 years 6 months
LenheimMoses1886-Aug-14son of Nathan and Regina Sara39 years 9 months
EschwegeBetti1886-Sep-01daughter of Juda and Berta Simon11 months
LoewensteinHeinemann1886-Sep-27son of Bezallel and Gita Plaut76 years 2 months old
EpsteinSimon1886-Nov-26son of Daniel and Karoline Loeser63 years 11 months
HahnHirsch1886-Dec-15son of Synagogendieners Loeser and Rosalie Metzger33 years 1 month
Freudenberg, nee SpiroMarianne1887-Feb-21widow of Hirsch daughter of Salomon and Babette Schlesinger63 years 11 months
BlumenthalJettchen1887-Mar-31daughter of master baker Levi and Lina Liebstaedter1 years 5 months
GreifSalomon1887-Apr-03son of David and Mina Levi2 years 9 months
CahnRahel1887-Apr-05daughter of provincial rabbi Michael and Jette Stern10 months 8 days
KatzensteinJettchen1887-Apr-09daughter of Leopold and Dorothea Spiro1 year 2 months
KatzensteinLeo1887-Apr-09son of Leopold and Dorothea Spiro1 year 2 months
Wetzlar, nee KupferHannchen1887-Apr-09wife of Isaac daughter of Meier and Lina Hersfeld89 years 9 months
SternJoseph1887-Apr-19Marcus and Res, called Therese Weinberg1 day
LenheimRobert1887-Apr-19son of Moses and of widow Johanna Weinberg2 years 7 months
SternBetti1887-Apr-24daughter of Marcus and Res/Therese Weinberg6 days
GottliebRegine1887-May-27daughter of Abraham and Babeta Stern6 months 15 days
BirkenruthHirsch1887-Jun-10son of Israel and Jette Wertheim52 years 10 months old
GottliebAbraham1887-Jul-27son of butcher Hirsch from Neuhof and Karoline Baumann7 years 7 months
KoenigGudel1887-Sep-26widow of Michael of Mackenzell daughter of Jakob and [?] Plaut85 years 2 months
Plaut, nee LoebMalchen1887-Nov-18widow of Joseph daughter of Loeb and Malchen Rosenbaum78 years 5 months
Hahndaughter1887-Nov-22daughter of Loeb and Karoline Epstein
TreppMade1887-Nov-29single daughter of Sussmann and [?] Heinemann98 years old
WeinbergSeligmann1887-Dec-05widowed son of Moses and Jette Stern71 years 6 months
EschwegeSimon1887-Dec-31son of Juda and Bertha Simon1 month 5 days
FrankenbuschLeopold1888-Jan-08gold worker from Mainz, nee in Boehmen son of Markus and Franziska32 years 4 months
HahnSelig1888-Jan-15single76 years 6 months
Speyer, nee GoldmannHenriette Babetta1888-Apr-06wife of Isaac daughter of Mendel and Lea44 years 6 months
EschwegeRuben1888-Oct-04single son of Hermann and Leone Rubenson63 years 10 months
Trepp, nee AdlerKaroline1888-Oct-05wife of Juda daughter of Meier and Marianne Gidel44 years 9 months
LenheimRegine1889-Jan-25widow of Nathan75 years 3 months
LoeserSimon, called Leopold1889-Feb-28lawyer and notary son of Simon and Regina Loeser62 years 1 month
BraunschweigerLiebmann1889-Jul-22son of Bonum and Hindel Weinberg from Burghaun53 years 5 months
HahnEmilie1889-Jul-31daughter of Loeb and Karoline Epstein1 day
BaehrMeier1889-Aug-06son of rabbi Oscar and Madchen Wertheim2 years 8 months
Heilbrunn, nee WeinsteinGitel1889-Sep-14widow of Ruben daughter of Kappel and Baesgen Hecht72 years 4 months
SternDavid1889-Sep-18son of Abraham64 years 8 months
KarpfJulius1889-Oct-13son of Josef and Fanny Plaut40 years 9 months
HahnLoeser1890-Feb-25Schammes, son of Hirsch and Henriette Stern76 years 2 months
RosskopfDavid1890-Mar-30single91 years old
Speier, nee NussbaumTherese1890-Apr-19wife of Moses daughter of Isaac Nussbaum and Sara Mueller84 years 10 months
Neumark, nee SternbergerFanny1890-Apr-20widow, been married to teacher Levi daughter of Simon and Janette Ansbacher77 years 3 months
Emanuelchild1890-May-12child of Heinemann and Bella Rosenbaumstillborn
FleischhackerHeinemann1890-Jul-20butcher and lead singer son of Abraham and of unknown70 years 11 months
FeofkielSalomon1890-Oct-20single son of Michael and Bertha Mendel75 years old
EschwegeMichael1890-Nov-26son of Juda and Jettchen Wertheim16 years 9 months
BlumenthalJeanette1891-Jan-23widow of Moses daughter of Isaac Katz and of Helene Katz81 years
BachrachMadel1891-May-03daughter of Salomon and Brendel Nussbaum57 years 1 month
SternHindel, called Hannchen1891-May-11daughter of Abraham and Esther Beifus77 years 7 months
NussbaumWolf1891-Jul-06son of Aron and Therese Gans66 years 6 months
EschwegeMoses1891-Aug-06son of Mendel and Clara unknown70 years 8 months
RotschildElse1891-Aug-13daughter of Josef and Lina Nussbaum7 months 17 days
HahnLoeb1891-Nov-26son of Schammes Selig and Marianne Weilburg60 years 4 months
WallachFerdinand1892-Jan-14son of Julius and Amalie Oppenheimer56 years 5 months 6 days
Birkenruth, nee MuellerBabette1892-Jan-15widow of Gerson daughter of Bonum and Betty Zeitlof70 years 13 days
Kaufmann, nee OchsNanni1892-Feb-12widow of Wolf Levi daughter of Josef Ochs and Merle76 years 9 months 21 days
SauerbachMoritz1892-Apr-03son of Josef and Emilie Wertheim from Eiterfeld13 months 8 days
Trepp, nee SilberschmidtJette1892-Apr-12widow of Menko, daughter of Heinemann and Therese Hellmann62 years 3 months 11 days
EmanuelJunge1892-Jun-07son of Heinemann and Bella Rosenbaumstillborn
KaufmannRosa1892-Jun-08daughter of Salomon and Ida Adler7 months 5 days
Strauss1892-Jun-15son of Salomon and Bertha Aron36 years 8 months 22 days
LevyJohanna1892-Jun-17daughter of Heli and Rosalie Levi16 years 6 months
SternJosef1893-Jan-09son of Markus and Therese Weinberg2 months 22 days
Loewenstein, nee KatzensteinBella1893-Jan-22widow of Heinemann daughter of Isaac Katzenstein and Perle Katz83 years 4 months 16 days
SpiroAbraham1893-Feb-09son of Jakob and Heile Herz57 years 6 months 15 days
GruenebaumFriedrich1893-Jul-23son of Wolf and of Sofie Plaut4 years 3 months
GruenebaumAron1893-Sep-02son of Wolf and of Sofie Plaut5 years 5 months
Trepp, nee KupferEva1893-Sep-30widow of Josef daughter of Meier and Hintel Moses81 years 8 months 4 days
StiebelJandolff1893-Oct-22son of Isaac and Hintel Welschhahn91 years
Levy, nee ProppelAmalie1893-Dec-08widow of Gumpel Simon daughter of Isaac and Julie David86 years 7 months
NussbaumWoldher1894-Jan-23son of Aron and Bertha Tannenberg3 months 18 days
NussbaumMeier1894-Jan-15son of Aron and Therese Gans71 years 1 month 22 days
HahnGita, called Gid1894-Jan-28single daughter of Isaac and Gid unknown78 years 9 months 3 days
SichelBetty1894-Jan-31widow of Herz daughter of Josef Jakob and unknown74 years 9 months
BlumenthalLeopold1894-Feb-19son Markus and Hannchen Goldschmidt7 years 11 months 16 days
WeilburgSimon1894-Apr-13son of Jandoff and Jettchen Eschwege55 years 2 months
Kaufmannson1894-May-10Salomon and Ida Adler1 Stande
GreifFeist1894-Jul-12son of Salomon and Jettchen Hahn72 years 7 months 22 days
SternRuben1894-Aug-19son of Loeb and Jettchen Mueller55 years 1 month
Nussbaum, nee PlautMinna1894-Sep-25wife of Jakob daughter of Meier and Sarchen Apfel46 years 9 months
WertheimAbraham1894-Oct-05son of Hirsch and Madchen Stern58 years
FreudenbergSara1895-Apr-10single daughter of Salomon and Babetta Epstein68 years 5 months 11 days
SpiroLoeb Salomon1895-Apr-28son of Salomon and Brendel Schlesinger74 years 6 months
BlumenthalTheodor1895-Aug-04son of Levi and Lina Liebstaedter7 months 23 days
Emanuelson1895-Aug-10son of cobbler Heinemann and Bella Rosenbaum« Stande
HahnBabette1895-Oct-28daughter of Loeser and Rosalie Metzger45 years 8 months 16 days
NussbaumRosa1895-Nov-20daughter of Josef and Nanni Nussbaum7 days
Weinberg, nee SternEsther1896-Feb-19wife of Hermann daughter of Loeb Abraham and Marianne48 years 11 months 27 days
Hahn, nee EpsteinKaroline1896-Apr-06widow of Loeb daughter of Benjamin and Emilie Sonof43 years 3 months
SternJohanna1896-May-10daughter of Emanuel and Lina Mainzer1 year 3 months
SternGabriel1896-Jun-23son of Moses and Malchen unknown76 years 3 months 5 days
HollaenderJohanna1896-Aug-07single daughter of Mendel and unknown77 years 9 months 18 days
BirkMathilde1896-Oct-12daughter of David and Rosa Bachrach2 years 3 months
PlautHermann1896-Oct-12son of Jacob and Gretchen Oppenheimer5 years 8 months 13 days
LeviSalomon1896-Nov-26single son of Meier and Gued Kaufmann53 years 11 months
Fleischhacker, nee WetzlarSara1897-Jan-11widow of butcher and lead singers Heinemann daughter of Isaac and Hannchen Kupfer66 years 3 months 21 days
Stern , nee BeinMarianne1897-Jan-15widow of Gabriel daughter of Alexader and Therese73 years 22 days
Nussbaumson1897-Jan-23of Josef and Nanny Neuhausstillborn
son1897-May-01of Richard and Rosa Kohenstillborn
Eschwege, nee AdlerEsther1897-Sep-26wife of Isaac daughter of Jonas and Sara Drucker57 years 7 months
Liebstaedter, nee GruenebaumBertha1897-Oct-21wife of cantor Abraham daughter of Hirsch and Rosa67 years 9 months
WeinbergHermann1897-Dec-16son of Manes and Charlotte Hahn50 years 3 months 16 days
HirschbergEsther1898-Jan-28single daughter of Bonum and Sara Reiss75 years 8 months
Karpf, nee BernetEmilie1898-Feb-17widow of Julius daughter of Jonathan and Sara50 years 7 months 10 days
StraussSalomon1898-Mar-23son of Isaac and Jettchen Kaufmann77 years 11 months
GersonRosa1898-Apr-01daughter of Israel and Hannchen Stern4 months 15 days
RosenbergIsidor1898-May-09son of Seligmann and Ida Oppenheimer3 days
NussbaumLevi twinson1898-May-18son of Aron and Bertha Dannenberg8 days
HesdoerfferHeinrich1898-Jul-19son of Baruch and Jette Beifuss64 years 7 months 12 days
Wetzlar, nee GoldmannFrieofike1898-Dec-11wife of tabacconist Meier daughter of rabbi Philipp and Lina Jaffe52 years 2 months
Rothschild, nee NussbaumPauline, called Lina1898-Dec-12wife of Josef from Frankfurt daughter of Mayer and Malchen Stern35 years 6 months 28 days
Stern, nee WeinbergRes, called Therese1899-Mar-07wife of Markus daughter of Seligmann and Bes Bettie Goldschmidt46 years 10 months
EmanuelHeinemann1899-Mar-24butcher, son of Jacob and Amelie Rueberg47 years 1 month 2 days
FreundJulius1899-Mar-24son of Heini and Rosa Appel7 months
Spiro, nee GutmannAmalie1899-Apr-22widow of Loeb Salomon daughter of Josef and Hennele Gerst66 years 3 months
SichelJosef1899-Jun-18son of Herz and of Bertha, called Bele Jacob50 years 8 months 8 days
FreundLoeb1899-Sep-18son of Hone and Marianne Stern89J8M8T
LeviJosef1899-Sep-28son of deceased Heli and his widow Rosalie Levi18 years 10 days
MeierWolf1899-Oct-23son of Adolf and Blume Galanski56 years 5 months 11 days
StraussJenny1899-Dec-01son of Moses and Mina Fuerst8 months 16 days
Nussbaum, nee NeuhofJette1899-Dec-12widow of Meyer daughter of Meier and Boes Stern78 years 4 months
JacobsonIsfried1900-Feb-14widow Henriette Edenfeld son of Jakob and [?] Hamberger63 years 10 days old
Strauss, nee Durlacher, widowGertrude Karoline1900-Feb-24daugther of Karl Durchlacher and Barbara, nee Kraemer88 years 11 months nee in Kirchheimbolanden
Rosenberggirl1900-Mar-02Seligmann Rosenberg and Ida, nee Oppenheimerstillborn
Trepp, widowerJuda Salomon1900-May-17son of Salomon and Eva, nee Frank61 years 4 months 17 days old
Wertheim, nee WeilburgAmalia1900-Oct-29daughter of deceased Simon Weilburg and of lebenden Babetta, nee Eisenburg29 years 8 months 10 days old
Nussbaum, nee WetterhahnIda1900-Nov-09Wife of Aron Nussbaum daughter of [?] Wetterhahn and [?]24 years 11 months
SteinJohanna/Hanna1900-Dec-04nee Langenschwarz, resident of Wehrda47 years 5 months
SeligsteinMoritz1901-Jan-10son of Abraham and of Julia Heilbrunn13J4M10T old
MarkheimJosef1901-Feb-20son of Seligmann and [?] Goldschmid80J11M2T old
Nussbaumboy1901-Mar-09Josef Nussbaum and Nanni, nee Neuhausstillborn
Rosenbergboy1901-Sep-02Seligmann and Ida, nee Oppenheimerstillborn
SternElka1901-Dec-19Emanuel Stern and Karolina (Lina) Mainzer12 years 5 months
PlautNathan1901-Dec-23married to Bertha Stein son of Heinemann and Sara, nee Koenig64 years 9 months
Stern, nee RosenthalRegina1902-Jan-12daughter of unknown merchants widow74 years
SternMeier1902-Jan-14son of Moses and Sara Nussbaum7 years 7 months
Strauss, nee AronBertha1902-Apr-04pensioner widow daughter of Josef Aron and Karline unknown72 years 3 months
EdelmuthBruno1902-Oct-31Josef and Rebekka, nee Adler2 days old
HessHeinemann1902-Nov-08Benedikt and Bedi Neumark28 years 6 months
ZeitelesTelli0000--00son of calligrapher Jakob and Henriette Mehl‚ Verh mit Agnes Guenzel
Simon, nee NeumarkBetti1902-Nov-17Married to Kallmann Simon, daughter of Levi from Huenfeld and Fanny Sternberger (diese in Fulda deceased)56 years
Freund, nee Katz ViehhaendlerwidowKaroline1902-Dec-07daughter of deceased Isak and Bertha, nee Mueller from Diemerode86 years 2 months
SternJonas1903-Mar-04Married to Hilda Schamberg daughter of Gabriel and Regina Katz36 years 11 months
NussbaumRosa1903-Mar-11Aron Moses and Bertha Freudenthal9 months 4 days
AnsbacherMiriam twin1903-Apr-06daughter of Salomon and Therese Birkenruth1 year 1 month
BlumenthalPaula1903-Apr-09Albert and Karoline Justus22 days old
Floersheim, nee Oppenheimer widowBetti1903-Apr-26Jacob and Karoline Neumark63 years 3 months
LuchsipianskyBaruch1903-Jun-15Married to Sara Chister son of Isaac Chana unknown46 years
Adler, nee Goldschmidt widowMalchen1903-Aug-30Abraham and Jetta56 years 7 months, found hanged
WeinbergBlanka1904-Jul-15Salomon and Sophia Reiss2 months 16 days
AdlerLilli1904-Oct-31Baer and Fanny, nee Adler (from Neuhof)1 year 4 months
Idstein, nee RollmannJohanna1904-Nov-14Married to Samuel Idstein daughter of Moses and Fanny Stein from Heinstadt65 years 10 months
Goldmeierboy1904-Dec-24Louis and Karoline Mueller1day old
Freund, nee KatzBetti1904-Dec-24Married to Liebmann daughter of Wolf and Sara Katzenstein, beide Erdmannrode66 years 10 months
Mannheimerdead boy1905-Apr-30Gustav and Hannchen Mannheimerstillborn
EpsteinMichael1905-Jun-24Married to Klara Marchand son of Hirsch Epstein (Cassel) and Babette Lion (Hilofheim)74 years 1 month
Kaiserblueth, nee HammMathilde widow1905-Aug-19daughter of Hirsch and Johanna from Seesem68 years 8 months
Strauss, nee RothenbergGida1905-Sep-09married to Schuhmacher Levi Strauss daughter of Moses and Sara Hasenschritt69 years 2 months
WeinbergHirsch1905-Oct-08married to Bertha Kuh son of Markus and Malchen73 years 2 months
SternHirsch1905-Dec-16married to Bertha Oppenheimer son of Mendel and Esther Oppenheimer81 years 6 months
WallachMaier1906-Mar-01Julius and Amalie Oppenheimer (both deceased in Fulda)68 years 3 months
Brjan, nee FrankHenriette1906-Apr-09Samuel and Lina Stern (both deceased in Fulda)76 years 11 months
GruenebaumWolf1906-Jun-18married to Sofia Plaut son of Aron and Ella Loeb from Vollmerz58 years 4 months
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