Marion and Steven Hess: how they survived Bergen Belsen

July 08, 2021

On March 4 the twins Marion and Steven Hess tell the youngsters of the project group “Jewish Life in Fulda” about their lives. The twin’s father was born in Fulda and the children were born in Amsterdam in 1938. Together they survived Bergen-Belsen and the so-called lost train. This train intended to travel to Theresienstadt – in what is now the Czech Republic – was forced to reroute due to bombing, and finally stopped in the small German village of Tröbitz.

Joe Hess from Fulda about the Kindertransport

February 18, 2021

Students from the Winfriedschule talk to Joe Hess, born in Fulda in 1932. In March 1939 Joe, then Josef, fled with his sister Ilse on a Kindertransport from Fulda to England. Their parents Max and Frieda, née Katz, were deported from Fulda to Riga on December 8, 1941. Joe talks about life in England, the emigration to the USA in 1947 and the reunion with father Max in 1955 in Fulda, who survived several camps and labor camps in Siberia.

Memorial room Old Jewish Cemetery Fulda

January 15, 2021

Inauguration of the memorial room in the basement of the customs office at the old Jewish cemetery in Fulda on November 8, 2018 in the presence of the board of directors of the Jewish community and twelve descendants of Fulda families.

Old Synagogue memorial site was cleaned

Cleaning Day 1
Cleaning Day 2

December 19, 2020

Students cleaning the synagogue memorial.

Remembering deported Jewish children

December 19, 2020

Students group lay down stones with the names of jewish children who deported.

We remember

November 12, 2020

The project group “Jews in Fulda” of the Winfriedschule Fulda commemorates the Crystal Night with a personal contribution,

Commemorate the destruction of the 600-year-old cemetery

November 9, 2017

To commemorate the destruction of the 600-year-old cemetery on the night of Broken Glass in 1938, a memorial took place on November 9, 2017 at the Old Jewish Cemetery (Jerusalemplatz). Roman Melamed spoke for the board of directors of the Jewish community, Roy Stern from Israel as a descendant of the Stern family, Ethan Bensinger from the USA as a descendant of the Trepp, Kamm and Sichel families, the Kaddisch spoke Holocaust survivor Martin Löwenberg from the USA, who had been deported on December 8, 1941 from Fulda to Riga. Organization and management by the project group of the Bardoschule in Fulda under the leadership of Anja Listmann.

Silent march to the railway station in memory of the deportation of the Jews

November 7, 2018

With a silent march and a very moving memorial hour, the victims of the Night of Broken Glass on November 9, 1938 were remembered on Tuesday morning. There were three deportations in Fulda between 1941 and 1942, during which around 250 members of the Jewish community were transported from their place of residence to concentration camps: to Riga , Sobibor and Theresienstadt.

Video & complete article at Osthessen-News

„Refuge: Stories of the Selfhelp Home”

December 2, 2012

REFUGE is a one-hour documentary that reaches back more than 75 years to give a voice to the last generation of Central European, Jewish Holocaust survivors and refugees. The film explores the lives of six Chicagoans against the context of the Nazi cataclysm, and the resourceful community that came together to create a singular place those fleeing persecution could call home. Warm, moving and deeply personal, REFUGE interweaves remarkable testimony, archival footage and expert commentary.

Official Website
Entry in the IMDB

Annotation: Ethan Bensinger has been supporting the project “Fulda – Auschwitz” since the screening of his film “Refuge – Stories of the Selfhelp Home” at the Bardoschule Fulda and started to send private photos and documents. The biography of his mother is the first family history on this website and was created with the assistance of one of the students from the Bardoschule.

Kristallnacht in the City of Fulda – Arnold Goldschmidt remembers

November 7, 2011

Arnold Goldschmidt was born in Fulda, Germany, in 1922. Arrested during Kristallnacht, he was deported to Buchenwald concentration camp, where he was subjected to a brutal regime of forced labor and beatings. Arnold was eventually released and returned to his hometown of Fulda. He was later sent on a children’s transport to Holland, where he lived in different children’s homes. Immigrating to the United States, he later enlisted in the US Army. Arnold Goldschmidt immigrated to Israel in 1966.

The video is part of the exhibition “It Came From Within… Exhibition Marking the Events of Kristallnacht”

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