Day April 5, 2021

Jonas Tannenberg, Gedenkstein April 2021

Jonas Tannenberg

Jonas Tannenberg *05.04.1878 in Schenklengsfeld Jonas Tannenberg lived with his wife Ernestina at Simpliziusbrunnen 7. On November 10, 1938, he was arrested during Crystal Night and deported to Buchenwald. After a few weeks he was released from the concentration camp.…

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Rosa Malz, Gedenkstein April 2021

Rosa Malz

Rosa Malz *05.04.1889 in Zmigro Rosa Malz, her husband Hermann Dziza and daughter Rosa moved to Fulda in 1919. When Rosa Malz left Fulda to Frankfurt on September 23, 1940, she lived alone at Petersberger Strasse 23. August 18, 1942…

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