Nestor Weil

Nestor Weil, Gedenkstein März 2021

Nestor Weil *10.03.1909 in Fulda Nestor Weil lived in Rinnweg 11 in Fulda. On November 10, 1938, he was arrested during the Kristallnacht and deported to Buchenwald. After his release, his plans to emigrate to Palestine failed. In 1941 he…

Selma Freund

Selma Freund, Gedenkstein März 2021

Selma Freund *06.03.1900 in Fulda Selma lived with her parents in Rhoenstr. 6 and was not married. In 1932 and 1937 she stayed for several weeks in sanatoriums in Idstein and Marburg. On September 5, 1942, Selma Freund, along with…

Ludwig Hess

Ludwig Hess, Gedenkstein März 2021

Ludwig Hess *06.03.1907 in Buer After Ludwig Hess moved to Fulda in 1932, he married Rida Hess from Fulda in 1934 and lived at Mittelstrasse 27. On November 10, 1938, he was arrested during Kristallnacht and deported to Buchenwald. After…

Isfried Wetzlar

Isfried Wetzlar, Gedenkstein März 2021

Isfried Wetzlar *05.03.1886 in Fulda At the age of 16, Isfried Wetzlar moved from Fulda to Kassel. Later his residence was at Bahnhofstrasse 17 in Gießen. From there he was brought to Buchenwald for the first time in June 1938.…

Anna Gutmann

Anna Gutmann, geb. Weinberg, Gedenkstein März 2021

Anna Gutmann, née Weinberg *05.03.1892 in Fulda The Weinberg family lived at Mittelstrasse 2. When Anna’s mother died in 1896, the four-year-old girl was placed in the care of Dina Faenkel in Munich. On April 2nd, 1928 she married Siegfried…

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