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As a group, we would like to remember the murdered people in particular on their birthdays. With many victims we do not know when they were torn from life, but on a birthday we can think specifically of this one person and show him or her and the families that this person has not been forgotten.

For this reason we label a stone with the name and the birthday. Sometimes we’re even lucky enough to have a photo of the person so we can look into his and her eyes.

Dilla Feldheim, geb. Katzenstein, Gedenkstein April 2021

Dilla Feldheim

Dilla Feldheim, née Katzenstein *24.04.1883 in Fulda Dilla was married to Jakob Isaak and they had four children. The family lived at Hindenburgstrasse 21 (Bahnhofstrasse 21). Dilla Feldheim was deported on September 5, 1942 from Fulda to Theresienstadt and in…

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Lina Floersheim, geb. Goldschmidt, Gedenkstein April 2021

Lina Floersheim

Lina Floersheim, née Goldschmidt 24.04.1881 in Gelnhausen Lina Floersheim was married to Julius Floersheim who fought in World War I and died as German soldier in 1917. Lina Floersheim lived in Fulda at Schildeck-Str. 7 until May 26, 1936 when…

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Berta Gumpert, geb. Tannenbaum, Gedenkstein April 2021

Berta Gumpert

Berta Gumpert, née Tannenbaum *22.04.1863 in Fulda Berta Gumpert was married to Sally from Werne and lived in Duesseldorf. From there she was deported on July 21, 1942 to Theresienstadt and from there on September 21, 1942 to the extermination…

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Semi Katz, Gedenkstein April 2021

Semi Katz

Semi Katz *22.04.1938 in Fulda Semi lived with his parents Julius and Frieda in Frankfurt, when he was deported to Kowno on November 22, 1941 and murdered upon arrival on November 25, 1941. As student group, we would like to…

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Karl Strauss, Gedenkstein April 2021

Karl Strauss

Karl Strauss *22.04.1876 in Grebenau Karl Strauss moved with his wife Minna from Bad Salzschlirf to Fulda on February 23, 1938 and live at Peterstor 15. On November 10, 1938, he was arrested during Crystal Night and deported to Buchenwald.…

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Ernst Stein, Gedenkstein April 2021

Ernst Stein

Ernst Stein *21.04.1935 in Fulda Ernst lived in Fulda, Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. From Frankfurt he was deported on November 22, 1941 to Kowno and murdered upon arrival on November 25, 1941. As student group, we would like to remember the…

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