Heinz Karpf

Heinz Karpfenteich, Gedenkstein April 2021

Heinz Karpf *30.04.1915 in Fulda Heinz Karpf lived with his family at Sack 8 in Fulda when he emigrated to the Netherlands. In 1942 he lived together with his parents and his three siblings in Zwolle. Noone survived. Heinz Karpf…

Sara Hess

Sara Hess, geb Rothschild, Gedenkstein April 2021

Sara Hess, née Rothschild *29.04.1865 in Niederaula Sara Hess was the 2nd wife of Josef Hess from Hintersteinau. In 1905 the family moved to Fulda and lived at Abtstor 2. Sara Hess was deported from Fulda to Riga on December…

Else Bella Anholt Karpf

Else Bella Anholt Kampf, Gedenkstein April 2021

Else Bella Anholt Karpf *28.04.1904 in Fulda Else Bella Karpf lived with her family at Sack 8 in Fulda when she emigrated to the Netherlands. She was married to Eduard Anholt and had three children. Else Bella Anholt Karpf was…

Friederike Hess

Friederike Hess, Gedenkstein April 2021

Friederike Hess *14.04.1938 in Fulda Friederike lived with her parents and siblings at Mittelstrasse 27. She and her family were deported from Fulda to Riga on December 8, 1941. The whole family was murdered. As student group, we would like…

Frieda Kahn

Frieda Kahn, geb. Birnbaum, Gedenkstein April 2021

Frieda Kahn, née Birnbaum *09.04.1880 in Fulda Together with her husband Hermann, Frieda Kahn moved to Koeln. She fled to the Netherlands. From there she was deported to Auschwitz on November 10, 1942 and murdered upon arrival on November 13,…

Karolina Lina Hess

Lina Hess, geb. Wimpfheimer, Gedenkstein April 2021

Karolina Lina Hess, née Wimpfheimer *03.04.1889 in Ittlingen Karolina Hess moved to Fulda in 1920, shortly after two children were born and the family lived at Loeherstrasse 23. On December 8, 1941 Lina Hess was deported from Fulda to Riga…

Moses Levi

Moses Levi, Gedenkstein März 2021

Moses Levi *05.03.1877 in Ronshausen Together with his wife and son, Moses Levi, coming from Bebra, sought refuge in Fulda on April 25, 1939 and lived at Heinrichstrasse 48. While the son managed to flee to England, Moses and his…

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