Heinrich Freund

Heinrich Freund

*21.03.1868 in Kleinwallstadt

After Heinrich Freund had lived at Judengasse 4/6 (Am Stockhaus 4/6) for twenty years, he and his wife fled to Frankfurt on March 1, 1939.

From there he was deported to Theresienstadt on August 18, 1942 and murdered on September 21, 1942.

As student group, we would like to remember the murdered people in particular on their birthdays, starting in February 2021. With many victims we do not know when they were torn from life, but on a birthday we can think specifically of this one person and show him or her and the families that this person has not been forgotten.

For this reason we label a stone with the name and the birthday. Sometimes we’re even lucky enough to have a photo of the person so we can look into his and her eyes.

We do not forget you!

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