Students Project Group

Our students project group study the Jewish history in Fulda. We are working on various projects and campaigns primarily to keep the memory of the victims of the Holocaust alive.

The students project group introduces itself

We are a student group consisting of 8 – 10 students under the guidance of Anja Listmann. We are all studying at the Winfriedschule in Fulda and study the Jewish history in Fulda. We are working on various projects and campaigns primarily to keep the memory of the victims of the Holocaust alive. In particular we have focused on the deportees from Fulda after 1938.


Age: 16

In order for the events to never repeat themselves and that there will never be the case that this happens again in the future.

To enlighten others about what happened so that there is no prejudice.
To show the bereaved and relatives that there are still people who remember what happened and are committed to prevent it from happening again.


Age: 15

I was always very interested in history. That‘s why I was so interested in the project, especially as I‘ve never heard of the many Jewish people which live in Fulda. Moreover, it was important to me to learn more about the city I live in.

It is important to not forget the past and to learn from it. In order to achieve this, it is important to informe people about it. And not only about numbers or facts but about the way to many fates behind these datas. With my participation in the project I want to achieve a common knowledge about not seeing the Holocaust as numbers but as many faces and fates.


Age: 15Interests: everything that has to do with sports, reading, this group and my friends

I joined this group almost solely out of interest. But I also wanted to learn what I am able to do against racism and exclusion. But now, these reasons have turned into something much bigger – I have met new people with the same intentions and views as me with whom I can talk about different topics with.

I enjoy this cooperation with people who want to achieve the same as me. I also believe it is important to remember the victims of the past and to learn from it in order to do better in the future. For these reasons I am here.


Age: 15

The topic of Judaism and especially the Shoah has always been of particular interest to me, which is why I wanted to know more about the subject. In addition, it is important and interesting for me to come into contact with the people who experienced all this.

However, I found another component, namely that of commemoration, to be the most important for me, as this hopefully also helps to bring more tolerance into society.


Age: 15

That the past shall not be forgotten in the future and today’s Anti-Semitism comes to an end
Spreading awareness about prejudices and discriminations in society
Remembering and honouring the people who were murdered and deported

Having the chance to be a part of an incredible project
To spare a thought of the people who are facing injustice and inequality daily because of discrimination and prejudices and to fight for them
To learn more about Jewish history within Fulda


Age: 15Besides my passion for this project I am also very interested in art, culture and languages.

The reasons behind me joining this group were my already existing interest in history, especially this particular chapter of it. Other than that, the rise of racism and assaults with Anti-Semitic motives led to me engaging more with this topic. Finally, I came to realise how insufficient the commemoration is in my home town.

That’s why I decided to join this group – in order to inform myself and to engage with other adolescents concerning this topic. However, this isn‘t my only motivation to stay in the group anymore – the cooperation with people of the same age as me who are sharing my interests means a lot to me and is very inspirational!


Age: 16

The topic of Anti-Semitism has always interested me. The project offers a lot of opportunities to get involved and get in touch with special people and learn more about their histories and fates.

It is important that the events that happened in the past are not forgotten and that people deal more with the topic of present-day Anti-Semitism and racism.

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