Sally Levi

Sally Levi, Gedenkstein März 2021

Sally Levi *03.03.1893 in Grebenhain When Sally was two years old, the family moved to Mittelstrasse 18 in Fulda. During the First World War, he went to war for his fatherland. On September 15, 1937 he fled to the Netherlands…

Sara Frank

Sara Frank, Gedenkstein März 2021

Sara Frank *01.03.1937 in Fulda Sara lived with her parents and four siblings in Sturmiusstrasse. 5. On October 18, 1937, she fled with her mother and two other siblings to Wiesbaden, the birthplace of mother Johanna. On June 11, 1942,…

Leo Blumenthal

Leo Blumenthal mit Ehefrau Betsy und den Söhnen Marcel und Harry

Leo Blumenthal *February 26th, 1907 in Fulda He lived with his parents and five siblings in Fulda at Johannisstrasse 12. On October 19, 1934 he moved to the Netherlands. There he lived in hiding from 1940 to 1942. On July…

Emma Katz

Emma Katz, Gedenkstein Februar 2021

Emma Katz, née Birnbaum *February 25, 1885 in Fulda Emma lived with her parents at Bahnhofstrasse 14 until 1908. She married that year and moved to Gießen to live with her husband Josef Katz. On May 17th In 1939 she…

Regine Hoechster

Regine Hoechster, geb Eschwege, Gedenkstein Februar 2021

Regine Hoechster, née Eschwege *February 25th, 1869 in Fulda Regine lived at Mittelstrasse 27, but moved at a young age. In 1893 she married Herz Hoechster. On May 17, 1939, she lived with her husband at 1 Corneliusstrasse in Frankfurt.…

Martha Weinberg

Martha und Max Weinberg; Quelle YVphotocollection

Martina/Martha Weinberg, née Herzberg *February 25th, 1887 in Bueckeburg Martha lived at Petersberger Strasse 9 in Fulda since 1912. On May 31, 1942 she was deported from Fulda to Sobibor and murdered upon arrival. As a group, we would like…

Students Project Group

Vorstellung | Introduction
Our students project group study the Jewish history in Fulda. We are working on various projects and campaigns primarily to keep the memory of the victims of the Holocaust alive.

Max Plaut

Max Plaut, Gedenkstein Februar 2021

Max Plaut *February 23rd, 1874 in Huenfeld Max lived at Petersbergerstrasse 4 and was single. On September 5, 1942 he was deported from Fulda to Theresienstadt, where he was murdered on December 28, 1942. As student group, we would like…

Fraenze Wahlhaus

Fränze Wahlhaus; Quelle YVphotocollection

Fränze Wahlhaus *February 23, 1925 in Gersfeld In 1938 the Wahlhaus family moved from Gersfeld to Johannisstrasse 14 in Fulda. On May 31, 1942, Fraenze was deported from Fulda to Sobibor and murdered upon arrival. As a group, we would…

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