Flora Nussbaum

Flora Nussbaum, Gedenkstein Februar 2021

Flora Nussbaum, née Freudenthal *February 22nd, 1871 in Theilheim Flora lived with her husband and eight children at Petersberger Strasse 25. On September 5th, 1942 she was deported from Fulda to Theresienstadt and from there on September 29th, 1942 to…

Eva Frank

Eva Frank, Gedenkstein Februar 2021

Eva Frank *February 20th, 1933 in Fulda Eva lived with her parents and four siblings at Sturmiusstrasse 5. On October 20, 1937, she moved to Wiesbaden with her parents and a younger brother and was deported from Frankfurt to Sobibor…

Menasse Loeser

Menasse Löser, Gedenkstein Februar 2021

Menasse Loeser *February 18th, 1855 in Fulda Menasse lived with his parents at Friedrichstrasse 13 until he emigrated to the Netherlands in 1871 where he lived a couple of years. In 1904 he got married in Frankfurt. On September 15,…

Jenny Sachs

Jenny Sachs, Gedenkstein Februar 2021

Jenny Sachs, née Hesdoerffer *February 17th, 1870 in Fulda Jenny Hesdoerffer moved from Fulda to Munich when she was young. Later lived with her husband and three daughters there. On June 18, 1942 she was deported eto Theresienstadt, where she…

Willi Bacharach

Willi Wolf Bacharach, Gedenkstein Februar 2021

Willi Bacharach *February 12th, 1869 in Grebenau In 1939 Willi Bacharach moved to Fulda with his wife Emilie and lived at Rangstrasse 1. On September 5, 1942, he was deported from Fulda to Theresienstadt and in 1944 to Auschwitz Birkenau,…

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