Students group cleans memorial site of the old synagogue and lays stones

As of September 2019, the project “Jewish Life in Fulda” has been transferred from the Winfriedschule to the Bardoschule in Fulda. The students involved in the current project were displeased by the condition of the memorial for Fulda’s deported Jews and decided to rectify the situation. In October 2020, over a period of two days, the students metat the site of the destroyed synagogue. First, they removed theweeds that were growing in the monument, which the City of Fulda replaced with pebbles. Then the signs with the names of the deported citizens were cleaned.

Due to the pandemic, the traditional annual memorial event on November 9, 1938, did not occur. Instead, the project group created a video in German and English.

The young people also inscribed memorial stones with the names of the murdered Jewish children of Fulda. The resultingstone configuration of the Star of David is situated at the site of the destroyed synagogue.

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