Menachem & Fred: Thoughts and Memories of Two Brothers

Three months ago we met – it was the first time for all of us – a Holocaust survivor, Menachem Mayer, for a virtual interview. Profoundly touched by his story and that of his brother Fred, the interview resonated with all of us for a long time and amplified our decision to work in the AG “Jews in Fulda”.

This is the story of two brothers caught up in the Nazi persecution of the Jews. After being transferred to several detention camps throughout Europe, they were eventually transported to Auschwitz. Rescued by the Quakers, they endured stays in several orphanages and eventual separation, before making new lives in the US and Israel, which included for Frederick a role in America’s space programme. Touching and gripping, this autobiography arises out of their need to tell their story to their grandchildren. With its interplay between the two brothers, this is one of the most interesting Holocaust narratives to appear in recent years.

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Their story, produced by centropa, digital storytelling and 20th century Jewish memory
Meet Menachem and Fred, a documentary (German with english subtitles)
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