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Tacheles* blog for more common sense and less anti-Semitism

We are a student group consisting of 8 – 10 students under the guidance of Anja Listmann. We are all studying at the Winfriedschule in Fulda and study the Jewish history in Fulda. We are working on various projects and campaigns primarily to keep the memory of the victims of the Holocaust alive. In particular we have focused on the deportees from Fulda after 1938.

In the future, this blog should not only document our projects, but also be designed as a blog spot about Jewish life in Germany yesterday and today.

* Speak openly and clearly, to speak in plain terms, from Yiddish

Gerda Braunold mit Ehemann Friedrich und Sohn Joseph | Gerda Braunold, his husband Friedrich and his son Joseph

Gerda Braunold

Gerda Braunold, née Claus 17.04.1893 in Wertheim Gerda Braunold was married to Friedrich from Biblis. Their son Joseph was born 1924 in Fulda and the family moved to Loeherstrasse 23. While the parents were able to save their son with…

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Paul Halberstadt, Gedenkstein April 2021

Paul Halberstadt

Paul Halberstadt *16.04.1873 in Fulda Paul Halberstadt was single and lived in Berlin. From there he was deported to Riga on January 13, 1941. His further fate is unknown. As student group, we would like to remember the murdered people…

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Wolf Leib Herbstmann, seine Ehefrau und Kinder | Wolf Leib Herbstmann, his wife and children

Leib Wolf Herbstmann

Leib Wolf Herbstmann *16.04.1886 in Gorlice Please see for detailed information about Leib Wolf Herbstmann and his family here. As student group, we would like to remember the murdered people in particular on their birthdays, starting in February 2021. With…

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Friederike Hess, Gedenkstein April 2021

Friederike Hess

Friederike Hess *14.04.1938 in Fulda Friederike lived with her parents and siblings at Mittelstrasse 27. She and her family were deported from Fulda to Riga on December 8, 1941. The whole family was murdered. As student group, we would like…

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Justin Weinberg, Gedenkstein April 2021

Justin Weinberg

Justin Weinberg *13.04.1933 in Wüstensachsen Justin Weinberg lived with his parents Jakob and Lina at Johannisstrasse 14. On December 8, 1941 he was deported from Fulda to Riga, where he was murdered in March 1942. As student group, we would…

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Franziska Strauss, Gedenkstein April 2021

Franziska Strauss

Franziska Strauss *13.04.1894 in Fulda Franziska Strauss was single and lived at Adalbertstrasse 1. After receiving the deportation certificate, she committed suicide on November 22, 1941. She is buried in the cemetery in Weyhers. As student group, we would like…

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Anna Lehmann, geb. Frank, Gedenkstein April 2021

Anna Lehmann

Anna Lehmann, née Frank *10.04.1890 in Pattensen Anna Lehmann was married to Leo from Regensburg and lived at Heinrichstrasse 15. On December 8, 1941 Anna Lehmann, her husband and the three little children were deported from Fulda to Riga. In…

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