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Tacheles* blog for more common sense and less anti-Semitism

We are a student group consisting of 8 – 10 students under the guidance of Anja Listmann. We are all studying at the Winfriedschule in Fulda and study the Jewish history in Fulda. We are working on various projects and campaigns primarily to keep the memory of the victims of the Holocaust alive. In particular we have focused on the deportees from Fulda after 1938.

In the future, this blog should not only document our projects, but also be designed as a blog spot about Jewish life in Germany yesterday and today.

* Speak openly and clearly, to speak in plain terms, from Yiddish

Babette Wahlhaus, geb. Sonder, Gedenkstein April 2021

Babette Wahlhaus

Babette Wahlhaus, née Sonder *10.04.1900 in Mainstockheim Babette Wahlhaus was married to Joseph and lived at Johannisstrasse 14. On May 31, 1942 she was deported from Fulda to Sobibor where she was murdered upon arrival on June 3, 1942. As…

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Sieghard Bacharach, Gedenkstein April 2021

Sieghard Bacharach

Sieghard Bacharach *09.04.1900 in Fulda Sieghard Bacharach lived with his family at Kaiserplatz 7 (Universitaetsplatz 7), until he moved to the Netherlands on October 10, 1933. From there he was deported on September 28, 1942 to Auschwitz and murdered there…

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Frieda Kahn, geb. Birnbaum, Gedenkstein April 2021

Frieda Kahn

Frieda Kahn, née Birnbaum *09.04.1880 in Fulda Together with her husband Hermann, Frieda Kahn moved to Koeln. She fled to the Netherlands. From there she was deported to Auschwitz on November 10, 1942 and murdered upon arrival on November 13,…

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Rika Levi, geb. Rosenblatt, Gedenkstein April 2021

Rika Levi

Rika Levi, née Rosenblatt *08.04.1904 in Burghaslach Rika Levi moved to Fulda in 1929 and lived with her husband Sally at Schildeck-Strasse 7. On September 15, 1937 they emigrated to the Netherlands. June 8, 1943 she was deported from Westerbork…

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Samuel Weinberg, Gedenkstein April 2021

Samuel Weinberg

Samuel Weinberg *08.04.1906 Samuel Weinberg lived with his wife Mirjam and daughter Ruth at Karlstrasse 5. He was deported on December 8, 1941 from Fulda to Riga and murdered there on march 3, 1942. As student group, we would like…

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Leo Lehmann, Gedenkstein April 2021

Leo Lehmann

Leo Lehmann *07.04.1890 in Regensburg Leo Lehmann was married to Anna and lived at Heinrichstrasse 15. On November 10, 1938, he was arrested during Crystal Night and deported to Buchenwald. After his release and the failed escape to another country,…

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Jonas Tannenberg, Gedenkstein April 2021

Jonas Tannenberg

Jonas Tannenberg *05.04.1878 in Schenklengsfeld Jonas Tannenberg lived with his wife Ernestina at Simpliziusbrunnen 7. On November 10, 1938, he was arrested during Crystal Night and deported to Buchenwald. After a few weeks he was released from the concentration camp.…

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Rosa Malz, Gedenkstein April 2021

Rosa Malz

Rosa Malz *05.04.1889 in Zmigro Rosa Malz, her husband Hermann Dziza and daughter Rosa moved to Fulda in 1919. When Rosa Malz left Fulda to Frankfurt on September 23, 1940, she lived alone at Petersberger Strasse 23. August 18, 1942…

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Lina Hess, geb. Wimpfheimer, Gedenkstein April 2021

Karolina Lina Hess

Karolina Lina Hess, née Wimpfheimer *03.04.1889 in Ittlingen Karolina Hess moved to Fulda in 1920, shortly after two children were born and the family lived at Loeherstrasse 23. On December 8, 1941 Lina Hess was deported from Fulda to Riga…

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Julie Gruenberg, geb. Mannheimer, Gedenkstein April 2021

Julie Gruenberg

Julie Gruenberg, née Mannheimer *02.04.1871 in Bütthard Julie Gruenberg moved to Fulda with her husband Gustav in 1905 and lived at Mittelstrasse 28. Their three children were all born in Fulda. On January 5, 1939 the widow Julie Gruenberg fled…

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